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“In this fantastic debut, Donovan fills a Florida retirement community with a full range of eclectic, unforgettable characters, lifting the veil of the American psyche; the story reveals the breezy- and oftentimes chaotic- world of retirement with some fictional people you may or may not recognize without their filters on or hearing aids turned up. This one’s a delightful and engaging read that allows you to fully appreciate everything good in your life, body, and soul.” -Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

Marion Legrand arrives from France with her daughter after receiving a cryptic letter from her ailing sister Mimi, unaware of what lies in store for them in Florida. They are assailed by a coterie of oddballs at an “otherwise stable no-nonsense age discretionary retirement community”. It’s late-life crisis at Sunny Glen Palms, and from the golf greens to the clubhouse the veil of the American psyche is lifted, revealing the sometimes lazy sometimes chaotic world of retirement. ‘Oh I’ve wasted my mind don’t you see, says Libby Alsatian, I’ve killed my mind and I have to fix it. Right here!’ The residents’ problems run the gamut from Alzheimer’s disease, existential angst and anti-depressants to a major glitch in the plans for Flora Wheeler’s monumental one hundredth birthday party.

Broken Promised Land Cover“This books pulses with a sense of place and a sensitivity for the inner struggles of a family in crises in Appalachia battling against outside forces. The characters are true, ever evolving to survive the onslaught of unjust laws and social stigma. Highly recommend this book with its musical language intertwining the distant with the recent past.” -Goodreads

At the foot of Appalachia in East Tennessee, a family stands to lose all when they receive a federal notice of forfeiture against their home and land. A local man is charged with the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana when plants are discovered by the DEA in a remote parcel of over a hundred acres of family property held for five generations. John and Ellen Griffith’s marriage is already on the skids when their daughter Barbara turns up at their door, having just fled an abusive marriage with puzzling new feelings about her sexual orientation. Their son Will is away at MIT on a full scholarship and kept in the dark while their son Walt, a disillusioned post-grad with a penchant for doing nothing, is back home with his own souring relationship. As the story unfolds, so does the truth and with it dark secrets that threaten to break the implicit trust between a husband , wife and children. An insightful, affecting story of a troubled family stricken by a legal nightmare that threatens to pull it apart at the seams- if the dark forces within and between them don’t first.

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