synthroid 37.5


Full On, 2011

“He renders Irish ballads with the greatest sensitivity and the rest with the reckless abandon of a steamrolling train with no brakes…” – The Clare Champion
“A skillfull master of a unique and beautiful instrument.”-Cormac MacConnell, Clare FM Radio Ireland

Lucky Sevens, 2009

“Lucky Sevens is a very good album. Donovan plays a swirl of strings that enchant and delight. His songwriting is literate, observational and very entertaining. He has created a unique sound on Lucky Sevens that he calls AmeriCelt. I call it pretty darn good.” –The Muse’s Muse
a great album for all those who delve into Irish folk and maybe some that don’t. Ricko Donovan has proven himself as an Americeltic artist to remember.” –Swift Reviews

The Laughing Silver String, 2008

“Exceptionally well played and nicely arranged… this album is all traditional and is well worth your attention.”- Dulcimer Players News

The Kilmoon Road, 2004

“A rollercoaster ride…haunting and visceral, a powerful new voice in Irish folk.”
-Irish Music Magazine