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Storytelling, In The New America

   Posted by: Ricko    in American culture

The oral tradition of storytelling in the English language is something very well-preserved in Ireland, Scotland and the rest of the British Isles. At least that was my experience over ten years ago. There were storytellers all over the place in Ireland who knew their stories by heart. Many nights at after-parties on the heels of playing a traditional Irish session, we would take turns improvising stories right then and there. How fun that was! It was kind of mandatory and I must say the first time that I was put on the spot, my Scottish friend Alex called me out for introducing a gun into my story. You Yanks, it’s all violence and guns! What a lazy, cheap plotting device! I stopped throwing gratuitous guns into my stories after that.

Audiobooks are in some sense a manifestation of the age-old practice of storytelling. But it’s not the same– a voice comes over the ear buds, or the car stereo speakers. Even though the narrators are usually great voice actors, the intimacy of shared space between the storyteller and their listeners is not present. There is much difference between the experience of reading a story and listening to a story.

I enjoyed so much the reading/music events on my promotional blitz for Sunnyville. There was a very special and old-fashioned kind of connection going on between myself and others. It had nothing to do with politics or opinions or anything else grounded in reality. It was pure storytelling.

Author and friend Lisa Kirchner has a great monthly series going here in St. Pete called True Stories.’s a fun night with a pre-announced theme and people show up and there is generally a lot of laughter (Lisa’s very funny) and engagement with the storyteller. My writing critique groups are themselves storytelling experiences. We meet regularly and read from what we’ve printed out for excising, enhancement and constructive criticism. We keep up with one another’s stories meeting by meeting.

Us Americans need storytelling now more than ever between one another. Where the personal does not become the political. Our obsession with the media outlets that are largely opinion/editorial in nature has made us a little too dense with current events– it’s like suddenly we’re all professional journalists. Well, journalism is work. Stories are play. Humans need to connect verbally through play, always have. So maybe turn off the cable news, close the laptop, put down that newspaper or that bestselling book by your favorite TV talking head. Let’s make up stories. Let’s play.

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